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10 things To Consider When Choosing The Right Attorney

10 things To Consider When Choosing The Right Attorney


  1. Does that lawyer handle the cases themselves or will they pass you off to an inexperienced attorney?  Many law firms have newer associates, paralegals, and law clerks.  Ask your attorney who will be doing all the legal work in your case.   Who will you contact if you have questions?  It is important that you do not get the runaround when you call for a status update.
  2. Did that lawyer offer to meet with you?  Face to face communication is important.  If the attorney cannot even spare 30 minutes of his/her time to meet with you to discuss your case initially, ask yourself whether you think that attorney will put a lot of effort into your case after you have paid them their legal fees.
  3. Do you trust and feel comfortable with the attorney?  When you choose an attorney, you are looking for someone who you can trust and feel comfortable divulging information to.  Preparing a good defense requires a good attorney-client relationship.  If you and your attorney cannot get along for whatever reasons, find one that you can get along with.  It is important that you and your attorney be able to work together for the duration of your case.
  4. Does the attorney have experience in that area of law?  Being a jack of all trades and master of none won’t do you any good.  You need to select an attorney who is dedicated to the area of law you are looking for representation in.
  5. Have they done trials?  Having done trials is important.  You don’t know whether your case is a case that has to go to trial, but if it does, is your attorney going to be able to handle it?  It is also very import for an attorney to know when to take cases to trial.  Be careful of the attorney who has done too many trials.  Often times you have to pay for an additional trial fee… is that attorney only getting the same deal after trial and just taking your money.  Is that attorney simply gambling with your case so that he/she can take your trial fees?
  6. How is his/her reputation in the community?  Do you know what others say?  What past clients have said about that attorney is important.  When you buy things on Amazon, don’t you read the reviews?  Ask the attorney if he/she has some published reviews from previous clients you can look at.
  7. Has that attorney been disciplined by the state bar?   This is a matter of public record.  Go to and type in that attorney’s name.  If he/she is a California licensed attorney, his/her name will appear.  Scroll down and see if there are any discipline records and if there are, what for.  For example, if the attorney was disciplined for taking client’s money and not doing the work and not offering a refund, you may want to think twice about hiring him/her.
  8. If his / her prices are very low, are they operating their firm like a mill?  Getting a bargain is great but sometimes you get what you pay for.  How negatively this case will affect your future is for you to decide.  I am in no way suggesting that the most expensive attorney is the best, simply suggesting that you do your research so that you get more bang for your buck!
  9. Will that attorney be prompt in responding?  Let your attorney know what your expectations are for communication.  Some attorneys are in court all day and won’t be next to their phone at all times, is this going to be okay with you?  Some attorneys have a policy that all emails and calls will be returned within 24 hours, ask if your attorney has that policy.
  10. Does that attorney offer payment plans?  Sometimes a person cannot pay everything upfront.  Is that attorney willing to work with you and provide you with a flexible payment plan?


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