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Attorney Lisa Wong has dedicated her practice to helping those who are facing criminal charges.  It is what she is passionate about and the reason why she gets up in the morning.   Ms. Wong has worked for both a prosecuting agency and was a former Deputy Public Defender.  This allows her to have excellent insight on your case.  She has handled hundreds of cases, ranging from simple misdemeanors to more serious felonies.

The criminal justice system is hard to navigate and the consequences can be serious.  Ms. Wong understands what you are going through, the anxiety, the fear of not knowing what is going to happen, and the all questions and concerns you may have.  That is why she offers a free consultation so that she can meet you in person, answer your questions, explain the process to you, and see if her office is a right fit for your case.

Ms. Wong’s office is different from a lot of traditional law firms.  She handles the cases herself and sees to it that she is the only person negotiating your case.  You will not discuss your case with a case manager, paralegal, or a law clerk.  If you have a question, you will get a direct answer from Ms. Wong herself.

When asked why Ms. Wong chose the criminal defense field, she replied, “During law school, I have dabbled in many different areas of law and there is nothing more exciting, more fulfilling, and allows me to make a difference in someone’s life than criminal law.  It is one of the areas of law where you truly get to help people and see to it that justice is served and that one mistake does not ruin their entire life.  I love meeting with my clients in person and explaining what this all means.  I have no interest in fighting over alimony, child support, or contract disputes.”

When not lawyering, Ms. Wong likes to train for marathons, run trails, play Candy Crush (current level: 410), and explore all that San Diego has to offer.



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