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Domestic Violence

Many times familes will get into an argument and the police are called to the scene. More often than not, when there are tears involved, allegations are falsely made and someone gets arrested. Emotions are high which leads to facts being falsely made up or exaggerated.  Despite what most people think just because you want charges to be dropped, does not mean that it will be dropped.  Once the police are called and statements are made, the case is no longer in your hands, it is then up to the prosecutors to decide whether to file a case or not.
The attorneys at the Law Offices of Lisa Wong will work closely with our team of investigators and investigate the statements given to police. Our office has its own investigators, many who are former police officers and military members who can investigate all the ins and outs of your case, leaving no stone untouched and no corners unturned.  As your attorney, we will work quickly and efficiently to ensure that your rights are protected.

Significant and severe legal consequences

Having a domestic violence conviction on your record is much difference than having a regular misdemeanor conviction on your record.  First and foremost, San Diego Courts have a different prosecuting unit and court calendar that handles these matters.  This illustrates how seriously the courts take DV (Domestic Violence) cases.
loss of gun rights:
If you have a conviction for battery against a spouse, that conviction is very difference than a battery against a neighbor.  Having a DV conviction can potentially lead to a loss of gun rights.  Any guns that you own or have in your possession must be surrendered to law enforcement.  If you are in a job that requires you to have a gun (i.e. military or law enforcement), you may potentially lose your job.


Domestic Violence / Anger Management Classes:

A DV conviction will often times lead to mandatory 52-week classes.  These classes are costly and require attendance every week.


Criminal Protective Orders:

Having a DV charge against you also mean having a criminal protective order against you.  This means you have a court order telling you that you are either no contact or no negative contact with certain people.  Many people believe that if the protected person contacts you that it may be okay to speak with that person.  Wrong.  In a situation where the court orders “no contact” between you and the protected person, any contact can result in a violation of a court order, and lead to another misdemeanor charge.

Family Law Consequences:

Having a DV conviction can also lead to other collateral consequences such as your family law cases such as loss of visitation rights, supervised visits with one’s children, and a higher likelyhood that the family law judge will award the other parent full legal and physical custody of the minor children.
Immigration consequence:

Certain crimes can result in deportation for green card holders.  If you are not a citizen and are facing criminal domestic violence charges, your green card may be at stake.  Speak with the Law Offices of Lisa Wong today to see how we can help you fight your case or negotiate a plea that will not render you deportable.


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