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Violation of Probabtions

Violation of Probation

People who have plead guilty to a misdemeanor or a felony are often placed on probation. There are many terms to probation and if all the terms are not complied with fully, a person can be charged with a violation of probation. As a result, their probation will be revoked, and as a result, a person can be looking at jail time.

Summary Probation vs. Formal Probation:

Summary Probation: is also known as “informal” probation. This does not require the person to he consistently monitored by a probation officer. Instead, the court acts as the probation officer and will call the defendant back into court when he/she fails to comply with a term of probation. This type of probation is generally granted for people convicted of misdemeanors and generally last for approximately 3 years.

Formal Probation: This type of probation requires a person to have scheduled meetings with a probation officer. There can also be scheduled court appearances to monitor the progress of the person.

Possible Consequences

The most serious consequence is that the person in violation of their probation can be looking at jail time. In minor cases, the court will send out a notice to the person’s last known mailing address and ask him/her to appear in court to address the probation violation. In more serious cases, the court can issue an arrest warrant.

Our Experience

The attorneys in our office has handled numerous probation violations. With the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney, most of our clients have been able to stay out of jail and get reinstated in their probation.

Next steps to take

Clients charged with this should work closely with the attorneys to provide him/her with any witnesses or substantial proof to defend against the probation violation. Each case differs from the case before it and your situation may not be as bad as it seems. Contact our office today for a free consultation on how to avoid a revocation of your probation. Speak with an experienced attorney to know what you should expect at your probation hearing.


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